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Anthropometric MeasuresAnthropometric MeasuresV1 Anthropometric MeasuresV2 Anthropometric MeasuresV3 Anthropometric MeasuresV4 Anthropometric MeasuresV5 Anthropometric MeasuresV6 Anthropometric MeasuresAA Anthropometric MeasuresV7 Anthropometric MeasuresV8 Anthropometric MeasuresV9 Anthropometric Measures
Cognitive FunctionCalifornia Verbal Learning Test (CVLT)         V9 California Verbal Learning Test (CVLT)
 Digit Span         V9 Digit Span
 Digit Symbol Task V2 Digit Symbol Task V4 Digit Symbol Task      
 Teng 3MS         V9 Teng 3MS
 Trail Making B V2 Trail Making B V4 Trail Making B V6 Trail Making BAA Trail Making B V8 Trail Making BV9 Trail Making B
 Verbal Category and Fluency Exams         V9 Verbal Category and Fluency Exams
DemographicsGeneralV1 GeneralV2 GeneralV3 GeneralV4 GeneralV5 GeneralV6 GeneralAA GeneralV7 GeneralV8 GeneralV9 General
 Past Work and Occupation    V5 Past Work and Occupation     
Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA)Hip V2 Hip V4 HipV5 HipV6 HipAA HipV7 HipV8 HipV9 Hip
 Hip Absolute Change   V4 Hip Absolute ChangeV5 Hip Absolute ChangeV6 Hip Absolute Change V7 Hip Absolute ChangeV8 Hip Absolute Change 
 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis   V4 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal AnalysisV5 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal AnalysisV6 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis V7 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal AnalysisV8 Hip Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis 
 Hip Percent Change   V4 Hip Percent ChangeV5 Hip Percent ChangeV6 Hip Percent Change V7 Hip Percent ChangeV8 Hip Percent Change 
 Spine V2 Spine V4 Spine      
 Spine Absolute Change   V4 Spine Absolute Change      
 Spine Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis   V4 Spine Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis      
 Spine Percent Change   V4 Spine Percent Change      
 Whole Body   V4 Whole Body V6 Whole BodyAA Whole BodyV7 Whole Body V9 Whole Body
 Whole Body Absolute Change       V7 Whole Body Absolute Change  
 Whole Body Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis       V7 Whole Body Adjusted for Longitudinal Analysis  
 Whole Body Percent Change       V7 Whole Body Percent Change  
Endpoints/OutcomesBreast CancerV1 Breast CancerV2 Breast CancerV3 Breast CancerV4 Breast CancerV5 Breast CancerV6 Breast Cancer  V8 Breast Cancer 
 FractureV1 FractureV2 FractureV3 FractureV4 FractureV5 FractureV6 FractureAA Fracture V8 FractureV9 Fracture
 MortalityV1 MortalityV2 MortalityV3 MortalityV4 MortalityV5 MortalityV6 MortalityAA Mortality V8 MortalityV9 Mortality
 Overall Follow-up TimeV1 Overall Follow-up TimeV2 Overall Follow-up TimeV3 Overall Follow-up TimeV4 Overall Follow-up TimeV5 Overall Follow-up TimeV6 Overall Follow-up TimeAA Overall Follow-up Time V8 Overall Follow-up TimeV9 Overall Follow-up Time
Exam BookkeepingAllV1 AllV2 AllV3 AllV4 AllV5 AllV6 AllAA AllV7 AllV8 AllV9 All
Family HistoryFamily HistoryV1 Family History         
Female HistoryBreast exam/Breast cancerV1 Breast exam/Breast cancerV2 Breast exam/Breast cancerV3 Breast exam/Breast cancer  V6 Breast exam/Breast cancerAA Breast exam/Breast cancer   
 GeneralV1 GeneralV2 General  V5 General AA General   
Fractures and Falls HistoryHistory of FallsV1 History of FallsV2 History of FallsV3 History of FallsV4 History of FallsV5 History of FallsV6 History of FallsAA History of FallsV7 History of FallsV8 History of FallsV9 History of Falls
 History of FracturesV1 History of FracturesV2 History of FracturesV3 History of FracturesV4 History of FracturesV5 History of FracturesV6 History of FracturesAA History of Fractures V8 History of FracturesV9 History of Fractures
Lab DataCalcium 45 History and Lab Data   V4 Calcium 45 History and Lab Data      
 Cohort Data from Breast Cancer Study V1 Cohort Data from Breast Cancer Study
 Cohort Data from Fracture Study V1 Cohort Data from Fracture Study

 Stroke Case-Control Study V1 Stroke Case-Control Study
LifestyleAlcohol UseV1 Alcohol Use  V4 Alcohol UseV5 Alcohol UseV6 Alcohol UseAA Alcohol Use V8 Alcohol UseV9 Alcohol Use
 Caffeine UseV1 Caffeine UseV2 Caffeine Use V4 Caffeine UseV5 Caffeine UseV6 Caffeine UseAA Caffeine Use V8 Caffeine UseV9 Caffeine Use
 DietV1 DietV2 Diet V4 Diet V6 DietAA Diet   
 Physical Activity and ExerciseV1 Physical Activity and ExerciseV2 Physical Activity and Exercise V4 Physical Activity and ExerciseV5 Physical Activity and ExerciseV6 Physical Activity and ExerciseAA Physical Activity and Exercise V8 Physical Activity and ExerciseV9 Physical Activity and Exercise
 SmokingV1 SmokingV2 Smoking V4 SmokingV5 SmokingV6 SmokingAA Smoking V8 SmokingV9 Smoking
 WalkingV1 WalkingV2 Walking V4 WalkingV5 WalkingV6 WalkingAA WalkingV7 WalkingV8 WalkingV9 Walking
Medical HistoryArthritis historyV1 Arthritis history  V4 Arthritis historyV5 Arthritis historyV6 Arthritis historyAA Arthritis history V8 Arthritis historyV9 Arthritis history
 Cancer History  V3 Cancer HistoryV4 Cancer HistoryV5 Cancer HistoryV6 Cancer HistoryAA Cancer History V8 Cancer HistoryV9 Cancer History
 Cardiovascular disease historyV1 Cardiovascular disease historyV2 Cardiovascular disease historyV3 Cardiovascular disease historyV4 Cardiovascular disease historyV5 Cardiovascular disease historyV6 Cardiovascular disease historyAA Cardiovascular disease history V8 Cardiovascular disease historyV9 Cardiovascular disease history
 Dental Health   V4 Dental Health      
 General Medical ConditionsV1 General Medical ConditionsV2 General Medical ConditionsV3 General Medical ConditionsV4 General Medical ConditionsV5 General Medical ConditionsV6 General Medical ConditionsAA General Medical Conditions V8 General Medical ConditionsV9 General Medical Conditions
 Hip, Knee and Joint HealthV1 Hip, Knee and Joint HealthV2 Hip, Knee and Joint Health V4 Hip, Knee and Joint HealthV5 Hip, Knee and Joint Health   V8 Hip, Knee and Joint Health 
 HospitalizationV1 HospitalizationV2 HospitalizationV3 HospitalizationV4 Hospitalization     V9 Hospitalization
 Neurological disease historyV1 Neurological disease history  V4 Neurological disease historyV5 Neurological disease historyV6 Neurological disease historyAA Neurological disease history V8 Neurological disease historyV9 Neurological disease history
 OsteoporosisV1 OsteoporosisV2 OsteoporosisV3 OsteoporosisV4 OsteoporosisV5 OsteoporosisV6 OsteoporosisAA Osteoporosis V8 Osteoporosis 
 Symptoms Questionnaire   V4 Symptoms Questionnaire      
 Urinary Incontinence   V4 Urinary IncontinenceV5 Urinary Incontinence    V9 Urinary Incontinence
MedicationsHormonesV1 HormonesV2 HormonesV3 Hormones   AA HormonesV7 Hormones  
 Medical Inventory Form    V4 Medical Inventory Form
V5 Medical Inventory Form
V6 Medical Inventory Form
AA Medical Inventory Form
 V8 Medical Inventory Form
V9 Medical Inventory Form
 Specific MedicationsV1 Specific MedicationsV2 Specific MedicationsV3 Specific MedicationsV4 Specific MedicationsV5 Specific MedicationsV6 Specific MedicationsAA Specific MedicationsV7 Specific Medications V9 Specific Medications
Morphometry: Vertebral fracturesGeneralV1 General V3 General    V7 GeneralV8 General 
Physical FunctionBack ProblemsV1 Back ProblemsV2 Back ProblemsV3 Back Problems   AA Back ProblemsV7 Back ProblemsV8 Back ProblemsV9 Back Problems
 Back Surgery    V5 Back Surgery     
 Body Pain         V9 Body Pain
 Driving V2 DrivingV3 DrivingV4 DrivingV5 Driving   V8 Driving 
 Functional StatusV1 Functional StatusV2 Functional StatusV3 Functional StatusV4 Functional StatusV5 Functional StatusV6 Functional StatusAA Functional Status V8 Functional StatusV9 Functional Status
Physical PerformanceChair StandsV1 Chair StandsV2 Chair StandsV3 Chair StandsV4 Chair StandsV5 Chair StandsV6 Chair StandsAA Chair StandsV7 Chair StandsV8 Chair StandsV9 Chair Stands
 Grip StrengthV1 Grip StrengthV2 Grip StrengthV3 Grip StrengthV4 Grip StrengthV5 Grip StrengthV6 Grip StrengthAA Grip StrengthV7 Grip StrengthV8 Grip StrengthV9 Grip Strength
 Muscle StrengthV1 Muscle StrengthV2 Muscle StrengthV3 Muscle StrengthV4 Muscle StrengthV5 Muscle StrengthV6 Muscle StrengthAA Muscle StrengthV7 Muscle StrengthV8 Muscle StrengthV9 Muscle Strength
 Physical PerformanceV1 Physical PerformanceV2 Physical Performance V4 Physical PerformanceV5 Physical PerformanceV6 Physical PerformanceAA Physical Performance   
 Reaction Time V2 Reaction TimeV3 Reaction TimeV4 Reaction Time     V9 Reaction Time
 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV1 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV2 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV3 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV4 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV5 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV6 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceAA Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV7 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV8 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid PaceV9 Six-Meter Usual Pace and Rapid Pace
 Tandem Stand and Tandem WalkV1 Tandem Stand and Tandem WalkV2 Tandem Stand and Tandem WalkV3 Tandem Stand and Tandem WalkV4 Tandem Stand and Tandem WalkV5 Tandem Stand and Tandem Walk    V9 Tandem Stand and Tandem Walk
 Walking Aids and ProblemsV1 Walking Aids and ProblemsV2 Walking Aids and ProblemsV3 Walking Aids and ProblemsV4 Walking Aids and ProblemsV5 Walking Aids and ProblemsV6 Walking Aids and ProblemsAA Walking Aids and ProblemsV7 Walking Aids and ProblemsV8 Walking Aids and ProblemsV9 Walking Aids and Problems
Quality of LifeAnxiety Scale        V8 Anxiety ScaleV9 Anxiety Scale
 Depressed Feelings     V6 Depressed FeelingsAA Depressed Feelings   
 Geriatric Depression Scale V2 Geriatric Depression Scale V4 Geriatric Depression Scale V6 Geriatric Depression ScaleAA Geriatric Depression Scale V8 Geriatric Depression ScaleV9 Geriatric Depression Scale
 Key Life Events   V4 Key Life Events      
 Life space         V9 Life space
 Self-rated healthV1 Self-rated health V3 Self-rated healthV4 Self-rated healthV5 Self-rated healthV6 Self-rated healthAA Self-rated healthV7 Self-rated healthV8 Self-rated healthV9 Self-rated health
 Social Network and Support, Living ArrangementV1 Social Network and Support, Living ArrangementV2 Social Network and Support, Living Arrangement V4 Social Network and Support, Living ArrangementV5 Social Network and Support, Living Arrangement AA Social Network and Support, Living Arrangement V8 Social Network and Support, Living ArrangementV9 Social Network and Support, Living Arrangement
SleepActigraphy        V8 ActigraphyV9 Actigraphy
 Actigraphy--Activity, Sleep, Circadian Rhythm        V8 Actigraphy--Activity, Sleep, Circadian RhythmV9 Actigraphy--Activity, Sleep, Circadian Rhythm
 Epworth Sleepiness Scale        V8 Epworth Sleepiness ScaleV9 Epworth Sleepiness Scale
 Functional Outcomes of Sleep        V8 Functional Outcomes of SleepV9 Functional Outcomes of Sleep
 Overnight Polysomnography        V8 Overnight Polysomnography 
 Oximetry Morning Survey         V9 Oximetry Morning Survey
 Oximetry Overnight Recording         V9 Oximetry Overnight Recording
 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index        V8 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality IndexV9 Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index
 Polysomnography         V8 Polysomnography
 Polysomnography Measurements        V8 Polysomnography Measurements 
 Polysomnography Morning Survey        V8 Polysomnography Morning Survey 
 Restless Legs Syndrome         V9 Restless Legs Syndrome
 Sleep Disorders        V8 Sleep DisordersV9 Sleep Disorders
 Sleep Habits   V4 Sleep Habits V6 Sleep HabitsAA Sleep Habits V8 Sleep HabitsV9 Sleep Habits
VisionEye Medications     V6 Eye MedicationsAA Eye MedicationsV7 Eye MedicationsV8 Eye Medications 
 Vision ExamV1 Vision ExamV2 Vision Exam V4 Vision Exam V6 Vision ExamAA Vision ExamV7 Vision ExamV8 Vision ExamV9 Vision Exam
 Vision HistoryV1 Vision HistoryV2 Vision History V4 Vision History V6 Vision HistoryAA Vision HistoryV7 Vision HistoryV8 Vision History 
 Vision Interview     V6 Vision InterviewAA Vision InterviewV7 Vision Interview  
Vital SignsBlood Pressure/PulseV1 Blood Pressure/Pulse    V6 Blood Pressure/PulseAA Blood Pressure/Pulse V8 Blood Pressure/PulseV9 Blood Pressure/Pulse
 Temperature         V9 Temperature